Boom - Chinook Carbon Triple Clamp, Course
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Chinook Carbon Course Boom

Chinook’s Triple Clamp Boom Head and unique molding processes are criteria that make Chinook booms stiffer, stronger, and more user-friendly than any other carbon boom.

Other features include external locking pin collars to eliminate twist, a unique clew block for fixed or in-flight adjustable outhauls, and an extra generous extension range.

The Course booms unique bend and slightly wider tailpiece have been designed to match modern sails.

• Adjustment range: 66 cm (195-261 cm)
• 1-1/8 inch diameter booms arms
• Tapered, reduced diameter grip
• Triple Clamp Boom Head
• Continuous tubular carbon tailpiece
• Lighter, stiffer and stronger than aluminum
• Harness line index markings
• Will fit skinny or standard masts with no adapter
• Tailpiece extension length markings

Carbon booms are typically non-stock items. Please allow additional time for your order to be filled.

Oversize shipping charges will apply. Call or email for details.
  • Item #: CS 233C
  • Manufacturer: Chinook

Boom - Chinook Carbon Triple Clamp, Course

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